Make Me Yours


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There’s nothing that will piss you off at the world more than your fiancé’ dumping your ass for your best friend while you’re deployed overseas. I returned home to be smack-dab in the middle of small-town gossip. I needed to escape, so I left and took a job thousands of miles away that I would’ve never agreed to before. My goal had been to clear my head, but I wasn’t expecting it to get twisted with my new employer. She’s Hollywood’s elite, a staple in the tabloid for years, everything I want no part of. Distance between the two of us is key, but that’s difficult when we’re together daily. And each day our attraction towards each other grows. I’m afraid what will happen when it blossoms … and then blows up.

ONE RULE: Don’t fall for your new bodyguard. 
That’s easier said than done when he walks through my front door.
He didn’t want the job. It’s only temporary until they find a replacement.
He’s callous, intense, and dangerous.
Yet I’ve never felt safer.

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