Favorite TV Show Couples

February 18, 2015

I took a break from writing to bring out my favorite TV show couples of all time –of all time. (Insert Kanye voice.) I don’t know about you, but I watch TV for the couples. I root for them like they are my real life best friends, or characters in my book, and I get pissed off if they break up. Don’t judge me.

#1. Daenerys and Khal Drogo -Game of Thrones

I’m starting off with the best TV couple, hands down. Period. If you’re a GOT watcher, you were heartbroken when Khal got killed off. I wanted to march over to George’s house, and shove his computer up his ass. It should be a crime to break off something this beautiful. You just don’t do it.

 photo khal drogo_zps6sx2et0c.gif


#2. Lyla and Tim – Friday Night Lights

And yet another couple that didn’t last. I’m normally not a cheating lover –ever. I mean, yes it was wrong for Lila to sleep with her crippled boyfriend’s best friend, but if you watch the show, you put that in the back of your head. Instead of shaming them, you’re internally cheering for them to last.


 photo lila_zpsjfbi9lx2.gif


#3. Blaire and Chuck – Gossip Girl

I’m pretty sure these two are on everyone’s favorite couple list. No explanation needed.

 photo blaire chuck_zpsdhvnsqiu.gif


#4. Gabby and Carlos – Desperate Housewives

Even after all of their problems, cheating, prison, murder – these two still managed to stick together.

 photo dhouse_zps67f7c4dd.jpg


#5. Caroline and Klaus – Vampire Diaries

Okay, so technically these two haven’t been a couple, and that’s complete bullshit because they need to be. I’ve pretty much quit watching VD until they either get Klaus away from New Orleans, or they bring Caroline there. Team Klaroline all the way.
 photo klaroline_zps5pzuqwtj.gif


#6. Summer and Seth – The OC

Let’s be honest, no one gave a shit about Marissa at the end. I ended up fast forwarding it until there were scenes with these two. It just shows that nice guys don’t always finish last.

 photo the oc_zpsfojpdprl.gif


#7. Haley and Nathan – One Tree Hill

Nerdy girl, popular jock – cliche but in a great way.
 photo oth_zpsckx60gfm.gif


#8. Topanga and Cory – Boy Meets World
 photo topanga_zpsqv3bfo27.gif


#9. Carrie and Big – Sex & The City

Because it’s always nice to tame the bad boy who’s afraid of commitment.
 photo carrie_zpskdftkfgo.gif

#10. Zoe and Wade – Hart of Dixie

Okay, this show is cheesy as cheesy gets, but I can’t help but love it, and these two.

 photo zade_zpsxxgclqcd.gif

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