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Never Miss A New Release, Giveaway, or Sale!

August 14, 2018

Let’s take our relationship to the next level.

What do you read more? Texts or emails?

Me? I’m a text girl. Now, I’m not saying I’m that great at replying to those texts. I forgot sometimes, and quite frankly, I’m not a big phone person, to be honest. Not to mention, it’s harder to stay in touch with you guys with Newsletters because they’re constantly changing who sees what emails. They might end up in the Spam box. They might not send. They might end up in Egypt. The chances of them hitting your inbox aren’t that great sometimes.

So I did a thing.

A thing where it’s easier to keep up with me—whether it be New Releases, Sales, and Giveaways! I’m not an asshole who will spam you constantly, and your info always stays with only me. Period. I’m talking only 2-3 texts a month.

Sooo you want to hang out with me via text?

I vote yes. 

There are two ways to join my Text Club:

The first is texting Charitybooks to 31996. 

The second is by filling out an online form by clicking here.

Happy Texting! 



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