Apologies and Updates.

September 21, 2015

Happy Sunday everyone!

So I just realized it’s been a months since I’ve posted, awhile since I’ve given you any upcoming releases info, and almost five months since I’ve had a new release out.

I’m sorry! Things have been crazy ’round here lately! I wasn’t feeling my best, which resulted in me having surgery two weeks ago, so I was slacking on my writing. I’d gone from writing an average of 1K words+ words daily to a few hundred, or sometimes none. Then I had to play catch-up for everything else I’d been slacking on.

But I’m feeling better now, and getting back in the process of things. I wrote 1.5K words yesterday, and just sat down to get some work done, but I wanted to give you an update first.

I’m working on two releases right now. Karma’s squeal, (which I know you guys have been very patient on,) and another that has yet to be titled.

I promise to keep you more updated in the future!

Much love.


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