• Revive Me is Free.

    February 5, 2015

    If you haven’t gotten a chance to pick-up Revive Me, it’s free on Amazon right now!   Click here to download onto any Amazon device or App.   <3 xoxo, Charity

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  • Pretty and Reckless Cover Reveal

    February 4, 2015

    The cover for Pretty & Reckless was released today. I love it, love it, love it, love it! Release date should be around early March. I’ll keep you updated. Cover was designed by the lovely: Mayhem Cover Creations Book Blurb: “He was forbidden, and that’s exactly what I have an appetite for.” I was seventeen…

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  • Upcoming Release

    January 8, 2015

    I’ve been slacking on my social networking lately. I’ve been busy with the holidays, a few people in my family have been sick, and WRITING! I’m writing more than social networking, which I hope is a good thing. I know a lot of you guys have been asking when Breaking Karma is going to be…

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  • Oh hello, new Revive Me Cover

    November 25, 2014

    GUESS WHAT? If you read the title of the post, I’m sure you’ll guess it. If you didn’t, GUESS WHAT? Revive Me has a new cover. Look Down … See, the title wasn’t lying. And you might’ve guessed right. *pat yourself on the back.* I decided to do Tessa and Dawson on the cover vs.…

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  • $0.99 Everywhere!

    November 19, 2014

    Sooo … who likes things on sale? Me! Especially right before the holidays? Me! Me! For a limited time, ALL, yes ALL of my kindle books are only 99 pennies!   CLICK ON THE BOOK TO PURCHASE ON AMAZON:    

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  • A case of the Mondays?

    November 10, 2014
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  • Revive Me Release Day & Excerpt

    November 4, 2014

    Revive Me is live on Amazon! And I have an excerpt!   Excerpt: “Shit!” I yelped, as I was picked up and tossed into the seat. He slammed the door shut behind me, circled around the truck, and got in. I looked out the window, too terrified to face him, and noticed porch guy give…

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  • Revive Me Excerpt

    November 4, 2014

    FIVE HOURS! FIVE HOURS UNTIL REVIVE ME IS RELEASED! Guess who’s not getting any sleep tonight? Yep, this girl right here. Guess who’s excited/ a nervous wreck/super happy/ wants to crawl into a hole and never look at the internet again? Yep, this girl again. And this girl is also giving you an the opening…

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  • Revive Me Teaser

    November 2, 2014

    I’ve been a little late on teasers, but here’s the first one for Revive Me. Two days! [button link=”http://www.amazon.com/Revive-Me-Charity-Ferrell-ebook/dp/B00NVMINY4/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1414968825&sr=1-1&keywords=charity+ferrell” color=”black” newwindow=”yes”] Pre-Order Now[/button]

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  • Revive Me Cover

    October 18, 2014

    As you know from my last post, I’ve gotten a new website, and I didn’t integrate my old blog with this site. Soooooo some of my oldies won’t be on here. sigh. I posted the cover reveal for my upcoming release, Revive Me, about a week ago on my old blog, but I wanted to…

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